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Anne Deguerry

Ethical, marketing and communication director

Anne Deguerry is a lawyer by training who holds two master’s degrees, one in management and the other in commercial law, as well as a postgraduate diploma in European law.

As a traveller, she sailed around the world for six years before settling down in Madagascar where she founded and managed a law firm that specializes in corporate law and land law.

Having a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Anne held the position as the secretary general of Femmes Environnement Majunga, a non-governmental organisation which promotes, in a sustainable way, the economic development and empowerment of the women community in the Majunga area through weaving and natural dyes.

After leaving Madagascar for Malaysia in 2011, she switched her focus to marketing, art and design development. She was involved at the onset of the development of Entofood, a bio-conversion technology company that produces insect-based products as a sustainable solution for animal nutrition and organic fertilizer.

She is currently in charge of ethical development and communications for Entofood and strongly advocates environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability.

Anne Deguerry.jpg

Fabrice Schnoller

Founder of Darewin Project

Ten years ago, after a life-changing experience with a pod of whales, Fabrice Schnoller, a French engineer, freelance biologist and acoustic researcher founded the Darewin Project: a research program dedicated to whales and dolphins communication.

Using freediving (diving without oxygen) to capture 360° underwater video and audio to analyse these intelligent creatures’ behaviours, Fabrice and his associates at Click Research invented breakthrough virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) tools and set the standards for new research and media paradigms.

The project’s main endeavour was to understand these smart species, their dialects and communications attempts with humans, as well as sharing the experiences and emotions of their eye-to-eye encounters through virtual reality.

The data collected is available in an open-source platform and free-of-charge to scientists, and professional researchers interested in the better understanding of cetacean echolocation and click communication.

Darewin Project’s recent collaboration with the New York Times Op-Doc series, Vrse.works and Annapurna Pictures resulted in the production of The Click Effect, one of the first VR films to be shot directly underwater capturing the freediving experiences in the oceans with whales and dolphins. Created based on a book “Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves” by journalist James Nestor and filmmaker Sandy Smolan, the film was selected for screening at the Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes film festivals.

Fabrice Schnoller

Bernard Goh

Founder & Artistic Director of Hands Percussion

A graduate from the Malaysian Institute of Art, Bernard Goh is the founder and artistic director of Hands Percussion (HANDS) which has been a major part of the Malaysian performing arts.

He was among the first batch of students studying under master Tan Hooi Song who was the founder of ’24 Festive Drumming’ troupe — each drum represents one of the 24 solar terms of the agricultural seasons in the Chinese calendar.

Bernard founded Hands Percussion with Eric Ch’ng in 1997, and later started travelling internationally with the team members. He brought in the group’s first deaf member in 2007 and has since taught and coached several hearing-impaired students who have performed in numerous shows with the group.

He further promoted the drumming culture when he was appointed chairman of the ’24 festive drumming’ promotions department in the cultural consultative committee of the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong).

Bernard Goh

Anne Tham

Group CEO and Founder of ACE EdVenture

With almost 30 years in education, Anne Tham and her team at ACE EdVenture are paving the way for education. During her time teaching at KDU College and Taylor’s College, Anne made a stark observation that a majority of school leavers starting college lacked (and still do) fundamental critical thinking skills needed to meet the demands of the workplace. Even more so, was their poor English proficiency especially if they wanted to excel on a global stage.

In 1995, Anne set off to change the learning paradigm for school students by incorporating methods that engage the many facets of learning into her curriculum. Known as the ACE EdVenture Programme, she incorporated the “Oh! Effect” of learning instead of the traditional “memorize, spit out and forget the next day” method. The programme that prides itself on offering “an education which doesn’t end when the classes do” is an educational experience that challenges students’ critical thinking; allowing them to learn the dynamics of teamwork and leadership as they develop excellent work ethics as individuals.

ACE EdVenture has evolved into a multitude of learning centres and two international schools: Sri Emas International School and Malaysia’s first entrepreneurial school, Dwi Emas International School.

Together with their project partner Jakarta-based Artoncode, ACE EdVenture Studio created what is claimed to be the world’s first Chemistry-learning role-playing game called the ChemCaper.


Mathavan Chandran

Group Chief Executive Officer, InfoValley Group of Companies

An entrepreneur with keen interest in management, biotechnology and informatics, Mathavan Chandran (or Matt as he is fondly known as) founded InfoValley® in 2000 and has since held the position of Group Chief Executive Officer of InfoValley Group, which has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and its global business office in London.

The group has broad interests in life sciences, and are continuously generating new ideas and translating them into meaningful and saleable technologies with high value applications. The business applications are primarily grouped into two verticals i.e biotechnologies and advance medical informatics.

In the managerial domain, Matt serves as the Managing Consultant of InfoValley Business Management Sdn. Bhd., a boutique business management consultancy company. His current passion is in working out a framework that will bring out the best of management, science and technology in innovation and business value creation.

During his employment years, Matt served at Metacorp as a research and development chemist and held other senior positions before being promoted to the position of factory manager. Subsequently, he was  the regional business manager (chemical sector) for Peregrine Direct Investment, Hong Kong and was based at a few international locations. After that, he was the regional manager specialty chemicals business units at UCB Chemicals Asia Pacific.


Dr Rajiv Bhanot

CEO of H2GO Global

A medical practitioner by profession, Dr Rajiv Bhanot moved on to pursue the path of social entrepreneurship after having spent some years working at a government hospital. Over a five-year period, he has helped build up a few different startup companies and converted them into high-growth sustainable businesses.

He is currently the managing director of a technology-based company that works on providing a cutting-edge solution to water filtration that he believes will eventually be able to end water poverty. He is also the co- founder and CEO of Face Factors Clinic – a premier aesthetic and wellness clinic located in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides his involvement in the corporate sector, he is also active in various non-governmental organizations, namely as chairman of FORWARD – an NGO that works on tackling issues related to education and poverty faced by numerous Malaysian communities. He is also the chairman of Maruma which is an organization that connects Malaysians who have studied or are looking at venturing into the Russian Federation.

As Dr Rajiv was planning his mother’s 60th birthday in 2015, he realised that there was a huge vacuum in the market, for people in his position especially, having spent hours of his time visiting potential venues much to his frustration. When the idea of having a platform to efficiently source venues, manage, and plan out events was put forward to him, Dr Rajiv immediately jumped on board and the company Venuescape was born.

His simple philosophy in life is if you start doing something, do it with 100% commitment, reach for the unreachable while protecting the fun and joy that should come from doing it.


Hands Percussion

Malaysian drumming and musical group

Since its inception in 1997, Hands Percussion’s highly acclaimed spellbinding performances have wowed audiences in the country and at drumming competitions, music and cultural festivals around the world and won them several Malaysian arts awards and a special performance award in Dijon, France.

With a rich and colourful Malaysian cultural background among its group members, the varied influences have been incorporated into their energetic creative performances. HANDS main acts comprise of contemporary theatrical drumming infused with beats from the Shigu drums and accompanied by diverse South-east Asian musical instruments. They put a spin into this art form by combining various artistic elements into their performances.

The musical group leading members have coached more than 8,000 students in the art form at various schools and drumming camps. The “Balik Kampung” (back to hometown) projects are an extension of the drumming camps where HANDS brings the ’24 festive drumming’ culture to the villages and small towns where children lack the opportunities to enjoy and experience the performing arts.

Hands Percussion 1

Saidah Rastam

Musician, composer, author

Saidah Rastam has composed music for for gamelan, martial artists, opera singers, choral groups, jazz ensembles, western orchestras and electronic music. Her music is often cross-cultural: Indian classical instruments and jazz in Scintillations, Malay poetry and western classical voices in Lapangan Ya-ya-ya;  Chinese opera singers and a jazz quartet in Spirits; folk music from six Asian countries in Prism, traditional Chinese instruments and Malay gamelan in Keras Bila Dipadu. In M! the Opera, Saidah combined Malay traditional instruments and asli singing with a western orchestra and SATB vocal arrangements.

Her work as music director of large-scale theatre and events includes Cabaret at Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre; Prism which went on a six- nation tour, and, the launch of the Petronas Twin Towers. She also composed film soundtracks for Wong Hoy Cheong’s
Re:Looking (shown at the 50th Venice Biennale), Khir Rahman’s transgender drama “…Dalam Botol”, and Amir Muhammad’s indie film Lips to Lips.

As a music producer for commercials, Saidah worked with many different types of music ranging from Gregorian chants to electronica. Collaborations with dancers include Aida Redza’s Feast of Fools and AWAS! with Akademi Seni Kebangsaan. Besides Malaysia, her music has been performed in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the USA.

Chuck the Duck and Lapangan Ya-Ya-Ya, both commissioned by the Australian Song Company, have become part of their standard repertoire and has been performed worldwide.

Malam Terang Bulan, a show she created, wrote and directed, was staged in 2014 and in 2015 at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (Philharmonic Hall) to popular and critical acclaim. It was, as described by actress and director Jo Kukathas, “[The] story of Malayan music, the story of the birth of our national anthem and a much deeper, moving narrative about what we dream and what is borne to us on the wind. Part orchestral majesty, part bangsawan, part vaudeville…”.

In 2014, as part of a preservation project on Malayan music recordings, manuscripts and oral history, Saidah wrote Rosalie and Other Love Songs, a book that “…may turn out to be the single most important volume written so far on Malaysian musical history” (Tunku Abidin Muhriz, The Malay Mail, October 2014).

Trained as a barrister at Gray’s Inn, Saidah practiced as a litigation lawyer for several years. She studied contemporary music composition and film-scoring at New York University and has also studied audio engineering. She has taught at the Multimedia University, University Teknologi Mara, Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (National Arts Academy) and CENFAD (the Centre for Advanced Design), and has been a mentor for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s Composers’ Forum. She was an original member and music director of the satirical group The Instant Café Theatre Company.



Alena Murang

Borneo Art Forms Pioneer

Alena Murang has learnt the traditional art forms of the Kelabit, Kenyah and Penan people since the age of six, including dancing, weaving, design, singing and playing music instruments. Presently she is a full-time practitioner and pioneer of art forms from Borneo, seeking to learn from tribal elders in the Ulu Baram (the upper Baram river near the Malaysian – Indonesian border) villages. Some of the songs she learns are remembered by only a handful of elders from her grandparents’ generation. Alena is also one of the first and few women to play, perform and teach a traditional lute instrument, the sape’, and started Kelas Sape’ KL in 2015 with the support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Her artwork is also inspired by the indigenous communities and the natural environment of Borneo, where she grew up in. Using paint and music as her main mediums, she seeks to tell the stories of her ancestors, who hold the knowledge of the rainforests, age-old myths, and a simple and honest way of life, as well as the stories of the hardships they face today.


Honor Harger

Executive Director, ArtScience Museum


Hailing from New Zealand, Honor Harger has an exceptional interest in the artistic uses of science and technologies. Before she took on her present position as the Executive Director at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore in 2014, she was the artistic director of Lighthouse in Brighton, UK where she curated projects that displayed the cultural impact of scientific ideas.

Honor has directed the AV Festival, also known as the UK’s largest biennial of electronic art, moving image and music. She was also the first curator of webcasting for Tate, where she was involved in events and concerts of art and technology at the Tate Modern art gallery.

She has curated exhibitions and events around the world, including art.net.uk/now in India in 2002 and “Dots & Lines” for the BBC in 2005. She has worked for the Bauhaus Dessau in Germany, the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) in Australia and Artspace and Radio One in New Zealand.

Under the artistic collective label  r a d i o q u a l i a, one of the main projects that she produced with co-founder Adam Hyde was Radio Astronomy, a radio station broadcasting sounds from space.

A TED speaker, Harger has lectured at notable places such as LIFT (a key event about innovation and digital technologies) in Geneva, the European Space Agency, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the California Institute of Arts and the American Film Institute.


Usman Riaz

Percussive guitarist

Usman Riaz is a young Pakistani musician making a worldwide mark with his astonishing and fun-to-listen-to technique. Influenced by percussive guitarists–who move beyond strumming to striking, treating their fret board like the soundboard of a piano–he makes a sound that feels larger than the instrument itself, with a compelling pattern of repetition and variation that harkens to mystical music traditions.

In 2011, a viral video for his song “Fire Fly” helped bring his sound from the small-but-thriving Pakistani music community to a global audience. He is now collaborating with other musicians in Pakistan and working on a new album of original music.

Based in North America, Usman continues to be the youngest TED Senior Fellow and is a current pupil of Berklee College of Music.

Usman Riaz

Juwita Suwito


Hailing from Terendak Camp, Malacca, Juwita Suwito started off on the music scene as a sessionist and backing vocalist for Malaysian artistes, award shows and post-production studios. She soon developed her own voice and was often called upon to record song demos for East Asian publishing houses. Her rendition of Breathe Again on the original soundtrack of the Taiwanese TV drama series, The Outsiders, brought her international attention. Juwita has since given well-received performances in Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, Kenya, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.

In December 2010, Juwita decided to dabble in the world of theatre, debuting as Mary in the musical Follow The Light which received notable reviews. She also hosted LiteFM’s weekly radio show, Best of Asia.

Juwita’s debut album Brand New World clinched the Best Local English Album award at the Malaysian Music Awards – Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) in 2005. She has since released a sophomore album, a live EP and multiple singles that have also garnered an array of AIM nominations. Her recent performance highlights include headlining her own MPO Happy Hour Concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (2013) and recently performing with David Foster & Friends in Kuala Lumpur.

However, what she enjoys most is connecting with her audience in a personal way – which she does with her lyricism and down-to-earth personality. She was the vocal coach for Malaysian Idol Seasons 1 & 2 and one of the founder directors of Four Forty Records, a social enterprise on a mission to inspire and build bridges in Malaysia and Asia Pacific through music.

Juwita Suwito is also passionate about women’s issues and co-chaired the World YWCA Governance Taskforce from 2004 to 2007. While representing Malaysia at the YWCA World Council & International Women’s Summit in Brisbane in 2003, Juwita performed a song she wrote based on the theme, “Leading Change”. It expressed her passion to encourage, especially youth, to use their capabilities to make a difference in society.

Juwita Suwita_450

Prof. Adrian Cheok

Inventor & Professor of Pervasive Computing

Adrian David Cheok is Founder and Director of the Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore, which aims to push the boundaries of research into interactive new media technologies through the combination of technology, art, and creativity. MXR has made technological advancements that have the potential to unlock the power of human intelligence, link minds globally, accelerate learning, and enhance creativity. He was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) in 1992 and an Engineering PhD in 1998.

Adrian is a chair Professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London. He has been working on research covering mixed reality, human-computer interfaces, fuzzy systems, embedded systems and power electronics among others. Adrian successfully obtained $20 million dollars in funding for externally funded projects in the area of wearable computers and mixed reality. The research output has included numerous high quality academic journal papers, research awards, keynote speeches, international exhibitions, and even government demonstrations to Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Adrian has been a keynote and invited speaker at numerous international conferences and events, and was invited to exhibit for two years in the Ars Electronica Museum of the Future. His works “Human Pacman”, “Magic Land”, and “Metazoa Ludens”, were each selected as one of the world’s top inventions by Wired Magazine and invited to be exhibited in Wired NextFest 2005 and 2007. He was awarded Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, an honour which is bestowed each year to recognize and acknowledge top young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. He is Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), an organisation which is committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges and his research on smell interfaces was selected by NESTA as Top 10.


TEDxBinnenhof Live Stream


This is going to be a short notice but please let me know if you want to attend this Viewing Party.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with Agensi Innovasi Malaysia and Philips Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. invite you to experience powerful and highly inspiring TED Talks on Innovation to Malaysia, live-streamed from The Netherlands, during an exclusive viewing party of TEDxBinnenhof “Catwalk for Innovation”

Date: Monday 25 June 2012
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Dress code: office attire

This invitation is based on ‘first come, first serve’ principle, by registration to TEDxKL no later than Wednesday 20 June (6pm) for a maximum number of 25 TED fans.

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